Etsy- Hanging Things

I've been stuck inside with a terrible cold for the last couple of days so I have been spending lots of time on the internet, blowing up my Pinterest and stalking Etsy like it was a full time job.  I'm so obsessed with hanging plants lately- here are a few of my favorites!

1.  Minimalist Plant Hangers by The Scarf Tree $10
Just how I like my macrame- simple and bead free!
2.  Golden Delicious Hanging Air Plant Pod by mudpuppy.  $32
I like the beautiful silhouette this creates.
3.  Faceted Hanging Tray by Pigeon Toe Ceramics.  $76
True love.  I could marry this piece.
4.  White Hanging Planter by TW Pottery.  $60
Casual and just the right colors with a Southern Cali vibe!

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