Perfect Winter Shoe

The biggest difference between my old life in Portland and my new one here in LA is the weather.  It's so much nicer here but it still gets a little bit chilly and it rains sometimes.  So I do need one pair of sturdy closed toe shoes for this season.  I was thinking oxfords but I couldn't really find a pair that I totally loved, they all seemed so manly.  Then my friend Lauren sent me a link to these and I totally fell in LOVE.  The color is perfect, it will match everything.  They are Borns, so- totally comfortable.  But the best part is the ultra girly black velvet laces!  The perfect compromise between a fashionable shoe and an everyday stalwart.  Buy them here.


Sara said...

Hmm, this gives me the idea to switch out my current boot laces to velvet ones!

Crystal said...

That's an awesome idea! Velvet laces for all our shoes!

Jen said...

The weather here is totallyyyyy crazy! (I'm a Los Angeleon too) But those shoes are fab and would be perf for the weather!

The Girl in College

Crystal said...

Isn't this weather amazing/insane? I personally love it but at this rate I won't be able to wear any fall clothes!