Sparkle Neely, Sparkle!

{from left to right: Facets of Fuchsia #940, Carbonite, Starry Pink #051}

Revlon has really been hitting it out of the park lately with their nail polishes!  Every time I go to the drugstore I see another color I just have to own. 
I especially love Starry Pink, the one on the right, it has turned out to be the perfect everyday neutral with just a little bit of sparkle.  One tip for you- apply two coats to get just the right coverage, it will look so feminine and pretty.  

Fun Fact- Diana Vreeland claims to have invented modern fast drying nail polish and that Charles Revson, owner of Revlon, stole the formula from her.  She said that every time she met him there was a certain embarrassed look in his eye because he knew what he had done and felt somewhat ashamed.  Isn't that fascinating?


Jen said...

Drama Drama Drama!

I love the sparkles!!! They are soo distracting to me! Shiney...

Crystal said...

We both have magpie disease! It could be a lot worse!