Modern Macrame


After thinking about it for several months, I finally got around to making some macrame plant hangers.  Even though I kept having visions of ugly 70's scratchy brown monstrosities, I soldiered on.  Sticking with a clean color palette and a simple, non-fussy silhouette helped, as did eliminating large wooden beads.  
For the top plant, I used a Josephine knot tutorial from the book "Vintage Craft Workshop" by Cathy Callahan.  For the plant below, I went even easier, just tying simple knots around a glossy black pot and pointy succulent.  I love how they turned out!   


Lauren Bair said...

Um, Hiiiii, I'm a faithful follower of you kickass blog. I am wondering if you ever do workshops. I am prepared to host one in my apartment if you'd like to teach a bunch a b****** how to make cool stuff ;) Just saying. Also, you could really make money at it.

I just want you to be rich and famous. That's all ;)


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