Internet Magic

Remember how things were before the Internet?  Boring and factless and you had no idea if anyone out there liked the same things you did?  I know people talk a lot of crap about how everyone should "unplug" and take time away from things but personally, I love being connected to others in such a creative way. 
Recently, one of my instagram friends emailed me and asked if she could do a feature on the cross stitch necklaces I make and sell.  Uh, yes!  Could she ever!  So go check it out Annika's blog, All The Live Long Day.  She lives in London and offers a unique perspective on life there, as well as interesting travel destinations, crafts, chummy food, and music. 
Thanks Annika!


Derek Estes said...

I totally know what you mean! The internet has been an incredibly positive tool, in many respects!

polly conway said...

So awesome! It looks fantastic! XO.

Annika said...

Aw, I just saw this now! Thanks, Crystal, for your lovely words about my blog. I was happy to have you there!