The House In My Head

Do you know the book- The House In My Head?  I've written about it before, here
There is something about the title that just appeals to me.  Doesn't everyone have a dream house in their head?   I know I do!  Even though owning a home has never really been important to me, the idea of having your own space to decorate with an endless budget however you wish is intoxicating.
So I am starting a new feature on this blog- things I would have in my dream home-
The House In My Head.  Today we are talking dishes.  Everyday dinner plate patterns.  I have two that I am obsessed with:
1. Mikasa Nature's Song
This pattern consists of several designs- the two I love are below- plates with a bright orange & brown circle and the speckled bowls.  There are also gravy bowls, cups & saucers, S & P shakers, and sugar & cream sets.  Available on Ebay here.
2. Heath Ceramics Spring Collection
I have long coveted anything from Heath Ceramics, and this classic set would fit into any decorating scheme and hold it's own.  I have heard many an urban legend where someone finds an entire set of vintage Heath dishes at a thrift store but I have not been this lucky.  Sigh... maybe someday.

Well, there you have it.  Your first peek inside The House In My Head.

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