Wrap Up

{all pictures taken with instagram, follow me at crystalslonecker}
Wrap up of the holidays:
1. Awesome books I received for Christmas.  I already finished the Grace Coddington memoir and it was fantastic.  I have yet to cook anything from the books though.  I am hoping that will change this weekend!
2. Westlake Theater sign on a stormy LA day.
3.  My Christmas present to myself- geometric necklace from Voz Collective.
4.  Acorn and fox ornaments from my shop.


*Lauren said...

I'm so curious about the Jerusalem cookbook! Lemme know how you like the recipes... ;) XO

Crystal said...

I sure will! Maybe we could cook a dinner together sometime and do 2 or 3 of the recipes!

Anonymous said...

Will u do more foxes next year? Molly in FL

Crystal said...

Molly- Absolutely! If you want one now let me know & I can do a special order for you. Thanks!