Dry skin no more!

Hello all. Today I will tell you about how I cured all of my dry skin problems. In case you had not noticed, this has been an especially harsh winter for us here in Portland. Then I discovered this wonderful new product by Oil of Olay, (a brand I have never previously used, probably because I wrongly thought they are only for old ladies with wrinkles). They make a new "in shower body lotion" called MOISTURERINSE. They advertise it as a conditioner for your skin, you just rub it on like lotion and then rinse it off. Basically the thing is this: I always, always forget to put on lotion right when I get out of the shower, which we all know is the only time you should be putting on lotion, if you apply it at other times, it will not absorb into the skin very well. If you are forgetful like me, you will love Oil of Olay Moisturerinse In Shower Body Lotion. I recommend skipping over the for Normal Skin Formula and just jumping up to the For Very Dry Skin Formula, it won't hurt you, it will just make you extra touchable. I have found that Target has the best price on this product, around $5.50 for the large size, which lasts over a month. It has a light floral scent, which fades immediately, you won't smell girly all day.

*Tip For Today: Your perfumes will stay on longer if they are applied to moisturized skin. If you have time, apply a little unscented lotion to your wrists right before you spritz them. Or use your fragrance immediately after you bathe.


a stripe without a line said...

I have a very bad dry skin problem as well as was worried that i would waste money on a product that doesnt work. i just wanted to say thank you.

Derek said...

These are great tips! I never knew that A fragrance would last longer on moist skin! I'm so pleased you can keep me informed with this lovley blog
Love and Lattes,

pollyanna cowgirl said...

This is great! My most trusted advice comes from you! Love ya!

ted said...

I wish I was motived to start Blend-11 for mens skin care needs, cuz its a battlefield baby; and the next thing you know, some neutrogena product you bought for after shaving in tearing your face apart.