Banish eyeshadow creasing!

What I will write about today is actually one of my very favorite makeup finds. It is something I use almost every day, and I never put on eyeshadow without it. It is: MAC PAINTS!!! They come in little tiny containers that look like miniature tubes of paint. You can use them alone, or think of them as an eyeshadow base, they prevent creasing. They seriously last all day, I have put this stuff on at say- 9 PM, gone out dancing and carousing on the town, woken up at noon the next day, only to find my eye makeup to still be perfectly applied! I only own three myself, but I consider them to be the 3 essentials of the Mac Paint collection, of which there are many.
1. Stillife, the one I use the most. It is a soft champagne in color, with a slight sparkle. Worn by itself, it lends a beautiful golden glow to any skin tone, and makes the eyes appear larger. This is also the perfect color to apply to the bottom inner corner of the eye. I learned this trick from the great Kevyn Aucoin, it makes you appear young, wide awake, and big-eyed. Used under eyeshadow, this color disappears and acts as a base.
2. Bare Canvas, my second fave. I wanted something I could use in the same way as stillife, but without sparkle. Works the same way as above, it is a matte flesh color and the perfect thing to use if you dont want to wear eyeshadow, but want to avoid that "oily eyelid look".
3. Pixel, last but not least. This also has a shimmer to it, the perfect thing to use if you want a cooler look instead of warmer tones. I use it more in the winter than in the summer.
I say that every girl should own at least one Mac Paint, it is essential to both everyday and nighttime looks. They are creamy in texture, and dry immediately as you apply them. I have the best luck applying them with a flat eyeshadow brush. There are tons of colors to buy. They are tiny, but last forever. You just need to use a very small amount, the size of a pea. You can buy them at the Mac counter at Nordstrom, they cost around $14.00. Have Fun!

*Tip of the day: Be careful with those new liquid/cream textured blushes and bronzers! They do not interact well with powder of any kind, so no mixing the two!

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pollyanna cowgirl said...

i knew i called in sick to work for a reason! i need MAC paints immediately!