Beauty Party at Sarahs!

One of my dearest friends, Sarah Roth, came up with this great idea for having a makeup, hair, all-around beauty party for everyone. We are going to have yummy girly drinks, and apply makeup(hopefully no one will be harmed in the process). I personally cannot wait, I am making the step of buying one of those cute makeup train cases, I have wanted one for like five years. I cannot decide between pink or black. I really want pink but black is more professional. I can justify the purchase because I am doing makeup for two brides this summer, and I need the right equipment. So the Party is on Saturday, April 30, and if you are a girl and my friend, you are invited! Just give me a call and I will fill you in. Also give me a call if you have an opinion on the pink/black makeup case issue. I know it might sound stupid to agonize over this, but I really am!

Tip for the day: Keihls, the product store on 23rd, will give you a sample of anything you want, so don't be afraid to ask!

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pollyanna cowgirl said...

Get pink. That's all there is to it. :)