This one's for Polly-How to get a summer glow!

So my dear friend Polly called me the other day-she wanted to know how she can get a summer glow, without baking in the sun. I will break it down into 2 categories: 1. makeup, 2. fake tanning products.


The first thing I will recommend is considered a tinted moisturizer with sunscreen. The one I have used is clinique super city block spf 15. This gives a very sheer tint to the skin, evening out any redness. It is a light lotion, and protects from the sun. Cost is $15.50 at Clinique counters across America.

Next, one of my favorite products-Bourjois Happy Light Foundation SPF 15. I use Beige Clair #10, which is the lightest one you can buy. This costs $20.00 at It contains light-reflecting pigments which give you a dewy glow. It is very easy to apply, the super light formula will not make you feel as if you are wearing a heavy foundation, it does not sweat off under the summer sun. Clinique also makes a similiar version of this which I have not tried called City Block Sheer Tint Oil Free Daily Face Protector SPF 15, and it costs $15.50. It might be easier to find than the Bourjois.

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Enhancer is an amazing multitasker that mixes retinol for anitaging with an oil-free moisturizer, SPF 20, and an ultrasheer tint. $11.75 at drugstores. I really like this one, but it does not have any of those yummy bronzer qualities to it. Will give you good coverage, but you will have to apply more makeup over it for that golden summer look. Good for those who are starting to use the antiaging products.

Last one for makeup category: Revlon skinlights face illuminator spf 15. There are many colors, I am fond of #04 bare light. After finishing the rest of your makeup, apply to the cupids bow of the mouth, down the bridge of the nose, and in the C area that goes from the temples to the tops of the cheekbones. This product will make you look like you slept for 10 hours, got a facial and fell madly in love! One of my favorites for summer evening looks. Costs $ 10.00 at drugstores.


I myself have never tried a self tan, I am too scared to look tinted orange, so the only product I recommend is Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer. This is a moisturizer/tanner combo. It won't turn you orange or nut brown, just a little golden-and it will build if you apply it every day. I use the light formula (there are 3), it costs $5.99 at drugstores. This one is especially fantastic if you are worried about the tan body/white face syndrome. You just use this, and one of the makeup products described above, and you are good to go. Even if you don't wear makeup on your face, no one will notice and think you look weird.

If anyone has ever tried the professional fake spray tan, let me know what it is like. I don't know anyone, and am too scared to try myself.

All that being said, for the bronzed look, I usually just grab my Wet N' Wild Bronzer in Light/Medium ($2.99, drugstores) and my bronzer brush (very important!) and smooth a light layer on my cheeks, temples, eyelids, bridge of the nose, and chin. Looks fantanstic! And don't forget to blend, blend, and blend. Blending is the key.

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