Makeup at the beach? Call me crazy!

Growing up in the charmingly trashy small coastal town of Lincoln City, you might be surprised at how little time I actually spent in or near the ocean. When you did find me there, I certainly would not have been wearing any makeup! Not surprising though, because I never wore any back then. Now that I am all grown up and well versed in the product arena, I will celebrate my immenent return to the coast (for a friends wedding) by prescribing the best finds for the beach.

1. Body-The most important thing-the highest spf you can find. Helpful tip: Write BEENS on your sunscreen bottle in permanent marker so you won't forget these spots:
-Backs of knees
I prefer Paulas Choice SPF, which can be found on her It does not have any scent, so it can be worn every day without competing with your favorite fragrance.
2. Face-I prefer a tinted sunscreen for the face, this will even out any blotchiness or redness. Once again, I recommend Clinique Super City Block. $15.50 at dept. stores.
3. Eyes/Lashes-There is only one answer to this problem:Revlon Lash Tint. This wonder product-a mascara/tint hybrid-stays on for three days after you apply it. It is completely waterproof and just wears off without flaking-like magic. Keep your eyelash comb handy, you will definetely need it after applying this product. (product will come off if you use eye makeup remover)
4. Cheeks/Lips-The best thing to use is a liquid stain-I prefer Benetint by Benefit ($20.00 on Dot three spots in a triangle shape on the apples of your cheeks and blend in with your fingers. Then apply to clean dry lips . After it has dried, finish with a little lip gloss-utterly kissable. This will stay on in the water, any powder or creme would just wash right off.
That pretty much sums up my thoughts-I think going beyond this will make me look like I belong in Cannes on a yacht or something. One last thought before I go. I am totally advocating casual jewelry on the beach. Small gold hoops would be nice. A well placed ring or bracelet-and tie on a fake pucci scarf-with oversized sunglasses you will look like a million bucks! Have fun and I will see you at the shore!


Miriam said...

Crystal, you know so much about beauty products! I am truly impressed. I have a question for you: In your vast experience, have you learned any tips for eliminating unsightly ingrown hairs, post-leg-shaving?

pollyanna cowgirl said...

I just bought the Revlon Lash Tint in Blackest Brown or Brownest Black or Blackish Brownish...I can't wait to put it on tomorrow! I also bid on some Benetint on Ebay, but I keep losing. I think I might pick some up in Santa Barbara next weekend...tra la la! :)