Mally Beauty

Today, I would like to celebrate one of my favorite makeup artists, Mally Roncal. First of all, she is BEYONCE'S PERSONAL MAKEUP ARTIST. That alone should convince you of her genius. Also, she has her own fab new makeup line, Mally Beauty, available on Her line includes many genius items, such as the smokey eye kit, the get the last lash eyelash curler, and coming soon, an item I am extremely excited about: the clear lip gloss pencil. Basically she has taken clear lip gloss one step futher. By putting it in pencil form, she has made it easier to apply, and from what they say, it will also last longer, having the staying power of a lip liner. I can't wait to try it by itself or over my fav lipstick. GENIUS! Today, Mally Roncal gets to hold the title of Beauty Genius. So check out Mally Beauty on (you can watch short instructional videos featuring Mally herself) and keep an eye out for her exceptional work!

Tip of the day: If trying to do the smokey eye at home, don't think you always have to go for the darkest black eyeshadow or liner you can find. A lot of times, a purple, gray or brown color can work just as well, giving you that smokey effect without looking too over the top. Also, try doing smokey eye during the day. Gives you that too cool for school vibe, but in a good way.


sue said...

i've always wanted to try the whole smokey eye thing, but i feel like people will think i am trying too hard. i did wear sparkly lavender eye shadow last night to work. i think it got me extra tips. i miss you. i hope you are well!

pam said...

Question, I have your smokey eye kit, love the colors. Do you offer any other colors for eye shadows.

Thank you,