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Something cute to look at!

Isn't Twiggy great? I actually have her hair now! I was a guinea pig at a salon training class, and all the stylist had to say was "I think we should do this style-its called the Twiggy" and I was like hell yeah.


pollyanna cowgirl said...

soooo cute! i want to see!

Derek said...

It is SO cute Polly, I can't wait for you to get up here and sse it with your own eyes.

ted said...

#1, I love that you have this hair now.

#2 I love Twiggy.

#3, not so pretty, but there was a point when I was an oogle that I looked a lot like twiggy. I think I was 15.

sue said...

i want to see three, but i can't. i won't be visiting in june...but i did have my picture taken with john waters at a party at the warhol museum friday night. i'll post it soon! twiggy's hair + crystal's face = one single tear to my greenish-blue eye.

krista said...

I can't believe I set up a blog just to say that I actually went to the Twiggy Lawson website because I read she is going to be a judge on America's top model next season. anyway, she is not so hot anymore, I think she needs some of your help, Crystal!