The Genius of Pat McGrath

Next up in the series of "My Favorite Makeup Artists" is Pat McGrath. She is my favorite living makeup artist (now that Kevyn Aucoin is no longer with us). As the story goes, her mother was a makeup artist, and Pat grew up absorbing many of her ideas. One day when she was a teenager, she was walking down the street, and a lady stopped her and demanded to know who had done her makeup. She thought, maybe I should do this for a living, and a star was born! She has many credits to her name, such as designing the entire Giorgio Armani makeup line, and designing the looks for every Dior fashion show. Her work in the fall 2005 Dior show blew me away. The inspiration was Edie Sedgwick, and she did the most fabulous 60's cat eyes I have ever seen. Until now, her expertise has been just out of my reach, but I have just learned that she is designing a color collection for Cover Girl Cosmetics! I am so super excited! In July you can log on to to create your own custom palette from all the shades in her new collection. You can also log on to and look at all of her work from the recent fall fashion shows. Have fun!

*Tip of the day: Never go to bed with your makeup on, you know its bad for your skin! I don't care how drunk you are or who might be waiting there for you, just think how janky and smeared it might look in the morning.

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