Signature Scents at The Perfume House

Lanvin Eclat D'arpege
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During one of my visits to the Perfume House, the owner, Chris Tsefalas, told us about signature scents. He said there are two kinds. For daytime, you need a perfume made from flowers that bloom during the day. Your daytime scent can be changed as often as you like, and is usually eau de toilette as opposed to a longer lasting pure parfum. The perfume you wear in the evening is your true Signature Scent. Made from night blooming flowers, it never changes, you wear it all your life. Truly memorable, expensive as hell, classic packaging, these are all hallmarks of a Signature Scent. It can take years to find. I hope to find mine by the time I am 30, so I do have many, many years to search. For now, I just continue to work on my collection of daytime scents. My favorite is Lanvin Eclat D'arpege, which is a lighter version of the classic Lanvin fragrance. A truly unique fruity floral, the first sensation is that of a sparkling, light scent that starts with lilac leaves and the zest of Sicilian lemon leaves. It then softens with the lightness of green tea leaves, wisteria, peach blossoms, red peony, and Chinese osmanthus, warmed with rich, white cedar of Lebanon, precious musk, and amber.
I encourage everyone to find a signature fragrance, and the Perfume House is THE place to find it. Located at 3328 SE Hawthorne.


sue said...

when i make my way back to portland we should all take a fieldtrip to the perfume house. i'll never forget the story about the first time you and lauren went there - weren't there tears involved?

Crystal said...

Why yes Sue, there were tears involved. Although you will never get us to admit it, the story that Chris told us about Amouage perfume did bring a tear to the eye. If you ever have an hour to kill, spend it at the Perfume House, and you might even meet a sleazy bus driver named Herb!

LallaLydia said...

like many I am a Perfume House adoree - I enjoyed this post. Have you gotten any cloer to finding your signatue scent?