Summer Nails

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The summer nails I am dreaming of are exactly the opposite of this picture. As opposed to blood red talons I might die for in the winter, I am envisioning a shiny, pretty french manicure, short to medium length. But who wants to go to all that trouble? I am much too busy sunning myself on my yacht, shopping, and going on glamorous dates. Who has time for all that filing, and waiting for polish to dry? No thanks! So, I have come up with an easy shortcut. It involves 3 products, and they won't break the bank.
1. Start with the Sally Hansen 2-in-1 nail white pencil ($2.59 at drugstores). This genius pencil also comes with a cuticle pusher on the cap. First, file your nails so they are even, and wash them to get all the dirt off. Then, take the pencil and color the underside of your nail tips until they are white. Viola, you now have a pretty french manicure!
2. Next, take your second product, Neutrogena instant nail enhancer ($7 at drugstores). Brush this vitamin rich, not quite polish on-it has a sheen and instantly makes your nails look neat, but washes away gradually (so you never need remover). This also acts as a nail strengthener.
3. Last, keep your nails looking moisturized with a cuticle oil or balm. There are a million of them out there, I have always liked Creative Solar Oil ($7.99 at beauty supply stores), and Burts Bees Lemon Cuticle Balm ($3.99). Apply at least once a day to keep hangnails away.
Well, there you have it! Now that you have taken care of all your nail problems, you can turn your attention to other pressing issues, such as the perfect summer beach read. Let me know what you decided on!


Derek said...

This is all very interesting, even though I have no use for this advice. It really is! But I will tell you about my Beach Read! Actually, I've already told you about the book I'm reading, and I will surely be finished by the time I reach the Beach. Anyhow, I'm reading a collection of Cornell Woolrich's short stories from the 1930's and they are terribly suspenseful! You would be suprised. It is almost like reading several exciting summer blockbusters, only more exciting!

Crystal said...

thats awesome, maybe I could borrow when you are finished? I don't remember talking about this already, was I distracted or drunk? Looove the name Cornell Woolrich. thanks for the suggestion!

Crystal said...

I forgot to say: I am reading: "The Sisters, Saga of the Mitford Family". It is about 5 english sisters:
Jessica, a communist
Debo became the duchess of devonshire
Nancy became a best selling novelist
Diana married the fascist leader
Sir Edward Mosley and was the most hated women in England
and my favorite, Unity Valkyrie, born in Swastika, Alaska. She became obsessed with Hitler and shot herself when England declared war on Germany.

I am not making this up, it is a real true story and intensely fascinating.

Derek said...

WOW! That that is incredible!

pollyanna cowgirl said...

Crystal, as I am already on my yacht, we're just going to have to dock again and I'll send the maid out to pick me up these products. I need a mani real bad! :) love ya!