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For the first time ever, I don't know what to write about! I haven't posted since last Sunday, and I feel horrible! I am doing a great disservice to you, my public. I apologize.
So, what has been going on in the world of makeup? Well, I bought a new lipgloss today. It is part of the new fall Revlon collection, it is called perfectly plum. I like the color, but the gloss is too light and sheer. I prefer a thicker, more saturated gloss. So, I have decided to mix it with the new OPI lipstick (from the fall Chicago collection, debuting August 3rd) and create a fab new mix that I will probably end up using on everyone, they will love it, and I will have to explain that it is an exclusive. What else is going on..... Oh yeah, NOTHING!!! Someone save me from this banal existence where no new cosmetics are commanding my world! aaargh!

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Derek said...

The same thing happen's to me! Don't worry. Last month I was hardly able to watch any movies, or so it felt compared to my usual diet of films, and I didn't write a post for over a week at one point, but hten I was able to comeback and complete posibly my most prolific month of posting yet! It will come back my dear.