Oh crap...I'm in so much trouble!

Paul & Joe
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Paul and Joe has done it again. First it was those damned kittens, and now this new collection, irresistably titled "Flea market in Paris". Did you see those owls? I love old pics of owls, they are so cute! Someone has to come with me to Nordys, just to keep me in check, and stop me from buying everything in sight.

In other makeup news, the look for fall is "Russian", and "dark". I totally love it, but I hate the clothes that come along with! I just got the fall issue of Lucky, and was totally horrified by the patchwork vests and fur vests and cotton vests, too many vests! For gods sake people, do not lose your dignity and follow this trend. Keep it classic and simple this winter.

One final note: During my recent beach vacation, the best thing happened when I was at the outlet stores, perusing fragrances at Perfumania. I overheard this following conversation.
Lady: Honey, I found one over on the counter for under ten dollars!
Man: Les go find it then, shows it to me.
Lady: It's called Exclamation!

This made me laugh really hard, there is nothing like making fun of hillbilly bad taste and grammar to make you feel better.


Lady Jane said...

Listen honey, I know what you’re saying about the hillbilly thing. I don’t know much about perfume, but I think those inbred born-agains are just a hoot and a holler. Listening to those homo sapien wanna-bes talk is just good, clean fun.

On the other hand, bad taste and bad grammar is apparently no bar to achieving great things. Take a look at the Grand Poobah of Hicksville, our commander-in-chief himself. We know he has bad taste, because he lives in Texas and surrounds himself with Republicans. As for his grammar (and vocabulary, sentence structure, and all other aspects of oral communication), we know that every time he opens his mouth Yale alumni everywhere cut up their school ties, gnash their teeth and poke themselves with sharp sticks. Yipping yimminy girl, he’s living proof that even a retarded hillbilly millionaire can be president.

Keep strutting your stuff, honey. LJ

P.S. I just created my own blog on Blogger. It’s Lady Jane’s Garden. Nothing there yet, but soon. Come see me sometime.

sue said...

the owl is my favorite! i am sad that i can't go shopping with you, but at the same time i'm glad because i would buy everything and starve to death!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Crystal! I don't know what it is about perfumeries in outlet malls (or is it just the fannypack-toting beach crowd?), but I also had a double-take experience when a fellow shopper tried to woo her Lincoln City man by dousing herself with the 1980s 'perfume' Charlie! Of course, yours truly was behind this oh-so-sexy beachcomber, and thus had an unwelcome mist of Charlie on her short head. I hate being vertically-challenged at times! Love your blogs, by the way!