When in doubt, look to the makeup bag.

Makeup bag
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They say if you want to know what a person is really like, look in their medicine cabinet. I say, if you want to know about a girl, look to the makeup bag. It is our own little medicine cabinet that we carry everywhere. Mine is carefully edited almost every day. I recommend a cloth bag, so you can wash it often (makeup leaks all the time.) Here are the contents of my makeup bag:

1. Small tin of bobby pins
2. Hand and body lotion
3. Burts bees lemon cuticle cream
4. Travel makeup brushes
5. Clean & Clear oil absorbing sheets
6. Altoids sugar free smalls
7. Maybelline age rewind concealer
8. Clear Eyes eye drops
9. Antiseptic handwash gel
10. Travel hairspray
11. Nude lipliner
12. Perfume samples
13. Lip balm, lip gloss
14. Nail file
15. Packet of Emergen-C
16. Eyebrow powder
17. Eyeshadow and lipstick for the day
18. Tissues
19. Excedrin (it has caffeine!)

This may sound like a lot, but if you get everything in travel sizes, and have a good sized bag, there is no situation that you won't be prepared for! Choose things that will be good for your life. For instance, if you spend a lot of time buying beer from the 7-11 and drinking it in a field, you might include a bottle opener and Alka Seltzer morning relief for the day after. Or if your life is more highbrow that that, perhaps a twenty for cab fare home, and Cle de Peau Beaute lipstick, which retails for $55.00 a pop!


pollyanna cowgirl said...

Crystal, I recently started carrying a makeup bag all the time, and it's great! I always thought it would be too bulky, but I finally found the right stuff. Yay for makeup bags!

Crystal said...

Pols, what do you carry as staples in your bag? Any tips?

krista said...

I have been buy alot of beer from vending machines, but there is no alka seltzer in sight, what else would you recommend?

Crystal said...

Well Krista, I have found that the Emergen-C works pretty well in hangover situation, as does Airborne. Drink those with a couple of painkillers and you should be good to go! I am very jealous of your beer machines. America is just too uptight with those drinking laws!