Isabella Blow for MAC

Isabella Blow
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Isabella Blow is one of my icons. She is a British style queen, there really is no one like her. She works in the fashion industry, for Vogue and Chanel. She is well known for bringing the incredible milliner, Philip Treacy, into the international spotlight. I don't think I have seen a picture of her in the last five years without one of his hats on her head. Even this drawing of her for MAC features her in a Treacy creation. She had a tiny bit part in THE LIFE AQUATIC, where the camera panned by her in one of those amazing hats. So MAC created a lipstick shade in her honor. Named Isabella, of course. This limited edition lipstick fuses velvety matte fuchsia with an electric shot of violet pearl. A gorgeous, and irresistible creation that fuses the electric appeal of 60’s pop culture with the rich matte looks of vintage Hollywood. Only available at MAC stores in LA and NY, you will have to order this one online, but I think it's worth it. $14.00. Buy it.


Derek said...

SO Cute!

Culinary Fool said...

I love MACs recycle program, too! And I have a ton of empties I'm due to bring in - this sounds like a great color to exchange them for!

~ B

Crystal said...

So, saddest story ever, I was totally broke when this lipstick came out, and I didn't buy it. So it sold out in like 2 days, and now I can only get it on ebay for like thirty dollars! As if! C'mon MAC, make some more!