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My dearest friend Lauren introduced me to this web site, Lucky Scents. It really is a step beyond other fragrance sites, for many reasons. First, it has lots of cult and unheard of or unavailable perfumes. Not just the ones you see everyday at Nordstroms that you don't need to pay shipping for. Second, you can order samples for just a few dollars, allowing you to not waste your valuable money in the long run. Most of the fragrances on this site are pretty spendy, but that's the price a girl has to pay for finding a unique signature perfume. And you can read and write recommendations for every scent you try. Perfumes I sampled and totally recommend:

* Parfum Luctor et Emergo by People of the Labyrinths. Startlingly unique and presented in laboratory flask-shaped bottle, red velveteen box and hand-dyed silk scarf, Luctor et Emergo is like nothing you've ever smelled before. A blend of sweet and resinous incense, soft vanilla, woods and a whiff of transparent cherry in the beginning, there are also almonds in the mix, creating a delicious mixture of cherried marzipan offset by very dry wood and otherworldly incense that lasts for hours. It has the strangest name ever, I know. This fragrance totally blew my mind. SERIOUSLY, like nothing I have ever experienced. This could totally be a unisex fragrance, which I usually hate. I strongly urge you to try.

* Pink Manhattan. This luscious potion is a fragrance in three courses: first is a plump, ripe peach. Next, lush gardenia and dainty pink hibiscus join the party. The final act is soft waves of French vanilla, a titillating finish to this beguiling and happy blend. Pink Manhattan is a limited edition roll-on bottle presented in a numbered and signed hand-crafted pillow box.

* Vanille Abricot by Comptoir Sud Pacifique. A sweet and sensuous fruity vanilla, like a warm apricot cobbler, sprinkled with powdered sugar and nestled against a scoop of hand-made vanilla ice cream (the kind with the tiny speckles of the vanilla bean still intact). Widely known for its man magnet abilities, it’s also made a name for itself as an amazing scent to “layer” other fragrances with.

Next time around, I can't wait to try Miller Harris, Jalaine, and Comme des Garcons!


sue said...

crystal! those sound delicious - i think i will try the first one you mentioned because i am soooooo in love with woodsy scents. you shoud so try the comme de garcon line - it is kind of grandpa-y at first, but it smooths out to a sweet and soft scent of the forest. i love it!!! and you!

Crystal said...

thanks for the recommendation sweet pea! I will order a sample of that. love you too!