The other Bobbi Brown

I know most of you have heard of Bobby Brown, the "singer", but there is another Bobbi Brown out there, and she is a makeup artist, author, and creator of her self titled makeup line. I have always hated her, and so have never tried any of her makeup. Hate is indeed a strong word, so let me explain the reasons why I feel this way:

1. I saw her on TV, talking about how she never wears makeup. How can you possibly create cosmetics without knowing how they work on a daily basis?
2. She was obviously wearing makeup even as she said this.
3. She says in her book that girls should start plucking their eyebrows at the age of 13. I find that ridiculous.
4. She also says in her book that you should throw out any makeup that has glimmer, shimmer, glitter, etc. because it doesn't look good on you and you will never use it anyway. I will wear whatever I want, and it looks damn good on me.

This is why I felt so bitter today as I had to swallow my promise to never purchase her makeup. My friend Tracey came into my work today, and we had a swell time talking and catching up. Then she pulls out this Bobbi Brown Natural Brow Shaper and Hair Touch Up ($17.00 at department stores). It comes in many colors, and is packaged just like mascara, same kind of brush and everything. So I tried it and it was genius! It was the perfect color for me, it was super easy to apply, it did not feel stiff when dry, and didn't flake at all. Hours later, it still looks great. I am so mad!