Nars Multiple

Nars multiple
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Well, I finally broke down and bought the Nars Multiple stick. I resisted for so long, because it costs $36.00, and I felt that was a little ridiculous. The thing about the Multiple is that it can be used many ways-on your eyes, cheeks, and lips. I guess they figure that if you bought three separate products, it would cost at least $36.00, so it ain't that bad. Anyway, on to the review. I bought the multiple in Maui,(it comes in like, twelve different colors)which is a glowing pink/golden/mauve. I figured this color would look good on everyone, including me! This product has has a smooth and creamy consistency, and can be applied with your fingers, or with a brush. So far, I like this product best as a blush. It works great as a lipstick too, but I thought it was a bit too light for me, I like a brighter lip. On the eyelids, this product creases easily, so always use an eyeshadow base underneath (my fav is Mac Paint in Bare Canvas). Some of the lighter Multiple colors can be used as a highlighter, and they also have great bronze colors for shading. I definitely love my new Multiple stick, no buyers remorse here!
*Nars can be found at Nordstrom, Sephora, and Blush Beauty Bar in Portland.

Tip for the day: Ladies, I have found a new way to moisturize the cuticles: Antibiotic gels, like Neosporin and similar brands, work great in a pinch.