MAC pro longwear lipcolor

mac pro longwear lipcolour
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Today I invested in the new MAC pro longwear lipcolor. I believe this is superior to the drugstore brands that I have tried for two reasons.
1. The color selection is vast, and the colors are amazing. I swear I could wear almost every one and it would look good on me. Nothing too garish or brown/purple.
2. The texture is wonderful, I felt like I was wearing only a light moisturizing coat of lip balm.
I gave this lipcolor the ultimate test by applying it right before I ate a meal. Post meal, it looked like I had just applied it, and I didn't even need to apply the clear gloss again. Great stuff. I specifically asked the MAC salesperson if he could suggest a neutral color that would look good on almost everyone. He suggested Fine and Mellow, a light golden pink, that looks great on me (white as a ghost) and my friends (some olive tones). The lipcolors are applied like most longwearing lipsticks, first you apply the color, let it dry, and then top with the gloss. These lipcolors come with one of three different glosses. Clear, shimmer, or frosted-which can be bought separately. MAC pro longwearing lipcolor can be purchased at MAC counters and stores for $19.50.

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pollyanna cowgirl said...

This sounds like a dream come true!