Teeth Whitening

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So many things to consider:
Professional, or at home? (If your insurance pays for this, I say go for it. And get veneers while you are at it! Otherwise, it is just too expensive)
To paint, use strips, or get trays? (I like paint-on or strips the best, those trays are too bothersome)
Should I be worried that I am swallowing chemicals that bleach my teeth? (Not any more than you should be using antiperspirant/deodorants with aluminum)
Unfortunately, I haven't had the chance to try many brands, especially the expensive ones. My friends Polly and Jodel recommend Crest whitening strips. I really like Target brand, $5.00 paint on teeth whitener. For the price and the result, you can't get any better. If anyone has tried others and would like to share a review, let me know!

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pollyanna cowgirl said...

I will say this; after a week of Ultra-Powerful Crest Whitestrips, or whatever they're called, my teeth looked like a newscaster's. I did this right before Nate and Krista's wedding so I could look extra sparkling, but now my teeth are basically back to their horrifying yellow tinge, thanks to tons of coffee and booze. However, I have a fresh set of Whitestrips just waiting to get cracked open.