First week of school!

As my first week of school draws to a close, I pause reflectively and look back over the highlights. The first day started off with 20 of us sitting around a large table, silent as church mice. This was all gone by the second day as we debated many subjects, such as Laguna Beach (we hate it but can't stop watching) and the Food Network (we think Racheal Ray is a little too perky, but we all love Paula Deen). That first day we mostly went over what we were going to learn and all of the rules and expectations, and we organized out makeup kits. I looove mine. It has lots of drawers and wheels and a handle too! It is the perfect size to take on any job. The second day, we learned about color and mixing foundations, and in the afternoon we finally got to apply makeup! Super fun, and I was fascinated to see the talents of my fellow classmates. So far, we have completed the Sporty, Daytime, Business, and Elegant looks, contouring, and how to sharpen eyebrow pencils the Westmore way. It is a 3 step process, and so far we have only been trusted with step 1. Trust me-it is harder than it sounds. I adore my teacher Valerie, she is originally from France, has great style and is super nice. She knows just about everything, and always recommends lots of great products. I like a lot of my classmates, some of us went shopping on Sunday and we are also going to the movies this weekend. I miss home, of course, but am keeping myself extremely busy with school, homework, and lounging in the 80 degree sunshine. Stay tuned for more intrigue!


krista said...

Crystal, I am so excited to hear about how school is going! I am glad that you like it, can't wait to hear more!

Derek said...

I can't wait to see your mad skills!