Icepearl Diorshow automatic lash pearls pencil

Quite a few years ago, in the Lincoln City dark ages, I was hanging with some old friends. We had all been trying out glitter mascara and other high class cosmetics from the local Claires. Suddenly we started seeing light spots everywhere, which for some reason totally freaked us out. "Cover all your reflective surfaces" I yelled, my hand covering the face of my watch. Luckily our common sense intervened. With all of the infinite wisdom of being 16, it took us a few minutes to figure out it was the glitter mascara. This story has always cracked me up, I practically fall over whenever I think of it. And this new Dior product produces a similar effect. When I first saw this photo at the Dior counter, I assumed the model was wearing fake eyelashes tipped with diamonds. Then I realized it was a product designed to make those sparkly glass-like orbs at the end of your lashes. I bought it immediately! It does take a bit of practice to get it right. It helps if you prepare your lashes prior to application. First, curl your eyelashes and apply mascara. Second, and I cannot stress enough the importance of this, use a metal eyelash comb and make sure your lashes are even and separated. Then apply a drop of this gloss to the end of each eyelash. It doesn't exactly dry, just to a jelly-like consistency that you can pluck off if you so wish. This is also reminiscent of Madonna's new "Disco babe" look. She is sporting flipped hair, 2005 disco wear, and to top it all off, $10,000 worth of real diamonds on the ends of her fake lashes. I hear she even takes disco naps!
Icepearl Diorshow is $24.00 at Dior counters across the country.

*Disco nap: phrase coined during the 1970's disco heyday. People would come home from work and take a "disco" nap so they could party all night and not get tired.

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The Crystal Piece said...

Crystal, I had to comment because I LOVE this blog but never comment. It's true, I don't understand makeup...but that's what makes this such a rewarding experience for me. I want to put every one of your entries into a time capsule, bury it, and dig it up in fifty years. Trippiness ages nicely.