Things that last!

Here are a couple of products I have liked recently. Not only are they easy to find at the drugstore and a friendly price, but they are long lasting.
1. L'oreal Endless lipstick. Very creamy texture, applies nicely, lasts forever, and a great range of colors. Right now my favorite is Crimson Joy. It's that perfect red color, just dark enough, and not too orange or pink. This is also a great color to use as a blush. We learned in makeup school that women prefer blue-based cool reds and men prefer orange-based reds, so if you want to attract the men, wear the orangey red, but I cannot bring myself to do it! They just look horrible on me! L'oreal Endless is $5.49 at drugstores.
2. Revlon Timeliner for Eyes. This is that perfect eyeliner you have always wanted. It goes on really creamy and smudges nicely if you want that smoky effect, but then it sets and lasts forever and doesn't come off on your eyelids (but always remember to powder after you apply all eyeliners!). They have four lovely colors, black, brown, grey, and purple. $3.49 at drugstores.