Belle de Jour

MAC is one of those makeup lines that you love to hate, hate to love. The reasons to love are many: The color selection, which is totally up on all the trends. The way they really are a line for makeup artists, selling products that may seem crazy, but create all those amazing avant garde looks in all the mags and fashion shows. The genius of MAC paints. The amazing collaborations with stars, such as Liza Minelli, Diana Ross, Isabella Blow, and Catherine Deneuve. The reasons to hate are few, and I admit, petty: The way they think their line is such hot stuff, miles ahead of everyone else. The way everyone has heard of MAC, and think they are cool just for liking it. The usually horrible over-application of all MAC makeup artists. But today, I would like to focus on the new Catherine Deneuve for MAC makeup collection, which is pure genius. The only small complaint I have is that I would have named the items after Catherine's movies and/or life. Umbrellas of Cherbourg nail polish anyone? Belle de Jour eyeshadow? Mississippi Mermaid lipstick? Anyhoo, in spite of that, I still loooooove the whole thing. I had an appointment today for a makeover, and I ended up purchasing the Thunder Eyes eyeshadow quad ($35.00). It contains four shadows, purpley red, dark green, pink & gold. And I got the Strawberry Blonde lipstick ($14.00), a beautiful peachy/pink spring color, that I can't help rocking in the middle of winter. There are many more beautiful products, even a line of base products, such as powders and light reflecting concealers (I have the feeling, even though MAC would never say this, that this collection may have been designed with mature skin in mind). All in all, I definitely approve. Check it out today!

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ted d. said...

Shit, give that old mature skin a makeup line and have her stop suing lesbian magazines.

I will think of this entry next time and several times following when I pass the MAC store shopping.