Downsizing for the New Year

I am of two minds about the constant transferring of cosmetics I always seem to be doing. On one hand, it does make my makeup bag and evening bags a lot smaller. On the other hand, I am constantly searching around for the larger sized product to refill with, and finding small containers that seal well is hard, too.
Thank goodness for all of my Blend representatives out there! One of them, the always adorable Sophie Sweet, has come up with the most genius idea. We were all having drinks the other night and she pulls out a compact lens case which she is using to carry around a sample size of her favorite lipstick and gloss in. Such a cute idea! One more idea for you as well: use an old mint tin or antique cigarette case to carry around those oh-so-affordable Cover Girl magnetic eyeshadow,lip, and cheek color pots.


krista said...

ok, Crystal, here is a question for you. My friend here just got a "permanent eyelash curl". Is this a common thing everywhere or a Japanese thing? It sounds dangerous! Do you know about it? What are you thoughts on eyelash curling in general?

Crystal said...

I have heard of that, but have never seen it done, or seen any eyelashes that have had this procedure. Many magazines, and Paula Begoun, the cosmetics cop, say that the chemicals used to curl the lashes are too dangerous to be that close to your eye, and could cause blindness. That was enough to scare me off. I personally used to get my eyelashes dyed, which looked great, but one time the product got in my eye, and it did burn like hell. So, I say stay away from it. Also, the new trend is to get semi-permanent lash extensions that last for 3-4 weeks. You use fake eyelashes and a new long lasting glue, the process takes 3 hours and costs from $200-$300. I want to get some training in that and start raking in the money! As for regular everyday eyelash curling, I highly recommend doing this, it just opens up the eyes so nicely. I read in a magazine recently that most people clamp too hard with their curler, which weakens the base of the lash, and it could fall off, leaving you with short stumpy lashes. So just apply a gentle pressure when curling, and you should be fine!