Gal Pal

How many times have you been running late for an appointment or blind date trying to find the perfect thing to wear and when you finally do, you notice there are grotty deodorant marks along the side of your outfit? Ah yes, Gal Pal, the original garment deodorant remover to the rescue! Something I have always wanted to try, and now I can't live without it. Now I almost hope for deodorant marks on my clothes, just so I can see the magic at work! How it works: take the pink Gal Pal sponge & wipe it gently with the grain of the fabric, and voila, you have just saved yourself time & money in dry cleaning costs (should not be used on silks). Today, at the Nordy's Rack, some of my co-workers were grumbling about deodorant marks on clothes, and how customers should have to buy them if this happens. I was all excited, and started talking about the Gal Pal, and how we should get one, and use it, and save clothes, and they all looked at me like I was speaking Croation and sprouting antennae. I guess sometimes the simplest answer isn't the best! I bought mine at The Container Store for $9.99, contains two sponges. Try it today!

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