Walk of Shame

Nobody likes to make the walk of shame. But that head-down, makeup smeared trek home in last night's clothes can be a lot better with Urban Aid's Shame On You Kit. The pack includes a mini toothbrush and toothpaste, one size fits all thong (eeeeew), condoms, a phone card, pain relievers and one "leave behind" note. The kit is a tiny 6" x 5 1/2", but that is just not tiny enough, right ladies? When I go out, I usually take a small clutch in which there is hardly enough room for my keys, phone, lipstick, and mints. It has to be more compact. But before I go more into it, I just have to say, these bastards stole my idea! I first got the idea when I was re-reading an old issue of Vogue. There was an interview with Gwynnie P. who was shopping at Gucci, and she commented on the Tom Ford designed condom holders (this was still back in the day when Tommy F. still ruled the school at Gucci and before he made cosmetics and sunglasses and pretended to be a Hollywood director. Sigh... I miss those days.) I thought, if you go that far, you might as well make a whole morning after kit! Mine was a little more homemade though, it included cobbling together products from different brands. Everything would be in tiny little sample one use sizes, and is similar to the one above, but I would add: alka-seltzer morning relief, money for cab fare, lip balm-you will be totally dehydrated from all that drinking the night before, facial cleansing wipes, moisturizer, and deodorant. I have to say that the "leave behind" note is a stroke of genius! I will have to add that to my kit when I patent it.

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