My gripe for the day.

Dear Hollywood,
I hate to be all negative, but one thing that bothers me above all else is you getting movie makeup wrong. Specifically, using looks that don't match the times or the person that an actor is portraying. The movie that has been pissing me off? Factory Girl, starring the evil Sienna Miller. Lou Reed has already declared her a "money obsessed whore" for making this film. True, I hate Sienna Miller for many other reasons. The number one reason, of course, is that she stole my man, Jude Law. I am also sick of people declaring her a fashion "icon" when she has been on the public radar for so little time. But have you seen any pictures of her in character as Edie Sedgwick? Now, I guess this is not DIRECTLY Sienna's fault, I guess she doesn't have complete control over the makeup in the movie, but it stinks. If you look at old pics of Edie, she looks crazier and crazier over the years. The hair got lighter and more damaged, the eyebrows darker and thicker. It even looks wierd sometimes, but that is what made Edie so great, her true originality. So in the movie, they are totally cleaning it all up. The hair is perfectly dyed, shiny, and layered. The eye makeup is perfectly applied, no uneven lines. It looks too good. Please Hollywood, make movie makeup more true to the subject.
Love, Crystal


sue said...

amen, sister!

Derek said...

No Shit! I'm sick of all these slutty-ass bitches thinking they know what their doin'. Who did the make-up for Brokeback Mountain by the way? Because that was actually genuis.

ted d. said...

all I'm saying is they better do a spackling over me when I get my biopic made, shit.

I want to reframe all that shit and probably recast the people I was around and beautiful savants, too.

god, what I wouldn't give to have that awful meth/hippy growout-henna-pony-tale I sported around 1990 into a counter culture, unexpected pompador or ziggy mullet even.

I am on the side of polish and lies on this one.

Crystal said...

Y'now Ted, you might be onto something there. Remember when Andy sent a "good looking, better spoken" version of himself out on a lecture tour in the sixties? I just think that if someone had a genius look already, they don't need to glam it up. Henna ponytails are another matter.

Anonymous said...

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