All my shopping problems, solved!

Let me paint you a scenario: Me, on every single vacation and trip I have ever been on. Everyone else around me is content to hang out by the pool, or see the sights. I on the other hand, am dreaming of malls, outlets, locally-owned shops, anywhere that I can buy anything. I usually have to fight tooth and nail to get even a little bit of shopping in, because most people don't seem interested. A friend of mine invited me to go on a group tour of Europe with her, and I was like-oh hell, no! Everyone else would be visiting cathedrals and castles, and I would be all where's the Prada outlet, for christ's sake? Well, I never have to worry again, because I have just discovered the world of shopping tours. They are everywhere! My dream shopping tour is Shop Around Italy, because you actually do get to visit the Prada outlet, and many other fabulous Italian designer outlets as well. They also have tours in New York, San Francisco, L.A., Paris, etc. Maybe when I win the 180 million Powerball tomorrow, I can actually go!

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