When good products go bad.

You might remember my posts from last summer chronicling my obsession with Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer. A lotion that builds color with each use, for a healthy summer glow. For me, it was the first accident proof tanning product, did not leave streaks, and cured my chicken-white legs forever. Well, you can imagine my joy when I learned that Jergens has just invented Natural Glow specifically for the face! I ran right to the store and snatched it up ($6.99). Then I ran back home and took several before photos of me looking eerily like a depressed vampire zombie, intending to show the pictures side by side later with a much more beautiful, sparkly, fully awake version of my tanned, glowing self. Sadly this was not meant to be, because after just 2 applications of Jergens Natural Glow facial moisturizer, it has caused me to break out like a teenager in the throes of puberty! Perhaps a person with tougher skin than my mine could withstand the effects of this product, but I will not be trying it again. Please do not think that this alters in any way my love for the original Natural Glow, which I still love and will continue to use this summer and beyond.


CaliforniaStyle said...

Awwww...I haven't tired it and after your review, I won't either. Thanks for the update.

ted d. said...
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ted d. said...

um, I didn't listen to you and bought both the regular (great!) and the new version mentioned here.

i too, cannot recommend this product and will obey your instructions in the future. btw: I, too, have sensitve skin.