Happy 1st Birthday to Blend!

Writing this blog for the past year has been nothing but a joy for me. It has taken me down some roads I may not have otherwise traveled, and given me the perfect excuse to buy lots and lots of cosmetics. I must keep up with all of the hot trends for you, my dear readers. In honor of this momentous occasion I am bringing back the tip of the day. Some of you may remember that when I started this blog one year ago today, I was very fond of giving out a tip with each post. This quickly got left by the wayside, maybe because I got lazy or I ran out of ideas. I can't really remember! Anyhoo, I am bringing it back y'all!
Today's tip: You know how I am always talking about oil absorbing sheets? Well, sometimes you use them all or forget them, so what you can do is this: Disposable toilet seat covers are made out of the same thing as some oil-blotting sheets. Just run into any public bathroom, grab one, and blot your face. People might give you strange looks, but at least your face won't be shiny! My fantastic makeup instructor Valerie Denoual at the Westmore Academy of Cosmetic Arts even admitted to our class that she does this "on set" if she forgets her regular oil-blotting papers. She will simply cut a toilet seat cover into squares and no one is ever the wiser.
I want to thank all of you out there for sticking with me and Blend, it is your entertaining and inspiring comments that keep me going! Also, if anyone has questions or suggestions, please let me know!


Derek said...

Happy Anniverary!

CaliforniaStyle said...

Happy Anniversary! Keep up the great work! =)

Annieytown said...

Happy Blog Anniversary!

krista said...

Happy Anniversary- I always look forward to reading your blogs!!

sue said...

i have loved reading your blog this past year and i look forward to the years to come! thanks for all of the great tips and recommendations - crystal, you are pure genius!!!