I am in so much Trouble

Last Sunday Eve, I was invited to accompany my dearest new friend Astrid on her annual pilgrimage to the Nordstrom fragrance event. I was firmly convinced that I would not be purchasing any perfumes that evening, due to the fact that I am poor as a church mouse and already have too many fragrances that I never wear. We arrived at the event and were given maps of where to find the fragrances and little bags of coffee beans to cleanse the palate between scents, and quickly spied around for the complimentary drinkies. Wine firmly in hand, we got down to business. I was hell bent on sampling the new Jean Patou, Sira des Indes.
But first up was the new Tommy Bahama fragrance. I was totally ready to run for the hills because I HATE T.B., but I was pleasantly surprised at the sweet & sparkling floral fragrance. I even sprayed some on my arm where it smelled great for about 5 minutes before pickling. So this will be one I just smell when I am shopping, plus I can't have a Tommy Bahama bottle sitting out on my bathroom counter, what would people think?
Happily, I spied the beautiful orange Sira des Indes bottle. I sprayed a little on a tester strip and I was in loooove. Definitely my favorite of the Jean Patou line. I convinced Astrid to buy this one, so I was a happy girl.
Next, I was temporarily seduced by Hermes Un Jardin En Mediterranee, actually a unisex fragrance. It smelled just like a summer evening on the Mediterranean, maybe sitting on freshly cut grass near the ocean? I couldn't even tell you what I liked about it, but it was so intriguing and different that I fell in love and just wanted it.
Then, my eye was caught by Yves Saint Laurent In Love Again. I was a big fan of the original YSL In Love Again and they are bringing out a new twist on it every year, (in love again and again and again). It is based on the scent of grapefruit, with other citrus notes thrown in as well. I have to buy it soon, because the In Love line is a limited edition.
I decided to let these fragrances hang out on my skin for a while and then decide. I was off to Annick Goutal to check out their new offering, Songes. Nice, but sadly not for me.
The fragrance lady then invited me to smell Boucheron Trouble, and this is where the point of my story is going. OH. MY. GOD. I took one sniff and instantly swooned. Vanilla, but a deep, mysterious, grown-up vanilla. I know I have seen this fragrance on the perfume counter a million times, but I have never tried it. They offer many options: Parfum, Eau de Parfum, solid perfume, lotion, shower gel, and a new lighter version for summer that has gold shimmer in it. So pretty! I decided to get the solid, I have been wanting a fragrance that I could carry around in my purse and this was the perfect solution. The packaging is so beautiful, gold and very heavy so it seems extra luxurious. It contains notes of Citron, Foxglove, Jasmine Sambac, Amber, Blue Cedar, and Vanilla. The blue cedar is very apparent when you first apply, but it's not unpleasant. Within one minute it changes to that lovely heavy vanilla scent. I urge all of you to try it, it's French so it can't be bad!


step said...

you should review your beauty products on themintpages.com!

Victoria said...

I have had the fragrance for a couple of years but I just tried the Cream at my Nordstrom event, Oh! Swoon worthy!

Rain said...

Love this blog! I just got back from Sephora. I bought Incanto Charms.