The Great Mascara Hunt!

I am taking part in THE GREAT MASCARA HUNT that was started over on Blogdorf Goodman (click on above title). My first review is for Lash Perfection Mascara, part of the revamped Max Factor line. It does not claim to be volumizing or thickening, just rather a straightforward claim of "perfection", and I have to say it comes pretty close. Part of its genius comes from the brush, which uses nubby plastic bristles instead of the brush-like bristles most mascaras have. It somehow keeps the mascara from clumping and seperates the lashes very nicely. I also thought it volumized very well, and kept my eyelashes volumized all day. I did not use a primer with this, but I think you will find you do not need it. It did not flake, but late in the evening, hours after I applied, I rubbed my eye, and quite a few flakes came off. Apparently this mascara will last for about 12 hours. Rating: 8/10.


TheBeautyBrains said...

May is for Mascara - what a clever idea!!

We're cosmetic scientists who run a blog called The Beauty Brains and we specialize in answering questions about how cosmetic products work. Can we come and play with you guys?

We'd love to join the Mascara Madness with a post about the function of Mascara formulas. How do we go about joining the fun?

The Beauty Brains

PS Check out our blog at and feel free to link to us if you like what you see.

TheBeautyBrains said...

The Brains are loving May Mascara Month!

Check out our contribution that describes the ingredients in a mascara and how they work.

Fiona said...

Why haven't you updated recently? I love your blog!

SpillToJill said...

The Great Eyeliner Hunt begins....I've talked with Blogdorf Goodman about it - and she is writing an entry about this also....take a look at if you want to participate:)