My lip gloss brings all the boys to the yard...

In honor of my new favorite song ever- "Lip Gloss" ,by Lil Mama- I wanted to do a rundown of my favorite lip glosses for this summer season:

1. True Mineral Cosmetics "Glamorous" $19.50. It sure is! This gloss is hands down the most perfect mix of pink, orange, red, and gold I have ever seen. This is the gloss I have spent the last few years trying to mix on my own with no success. Even my somewhat makeup-phobic friend Kari saw me wearing it and was all like "that's the perfect color, I want it" Yay! And it has a delicious minty tingly smell.
2. L'oreal Paris Colour Juice "Candy Apple" $6.99. Li'l Mama gives a shout out to L'oreal Watermelon Crush in her song, but I prefer the Candy Apple. Just a tiny bit more pigment, perfect for hittin' the club this Saturday Eve.
3. Revlon Lip Gloss "Cherries in the Glow" $6.95. Revlon's lip gloss answer to their long-time best selling "Cherries in the Snow" lipstick. I love to first apply a flesh colored lip pencil allover, then apply Cherries gloss. Perfect for any occasion, you can dress it up or play it down.
4. Yves Saint Laurent Golden Gloss "#1 Simply Gold" $27.00. I was all about layering this over all my lipsticks last winter, but now that the sun is shining, it is the perfect gloss to wear all by itself (especially with the smoky eye look!).
5. Lancome "Starfruit" $24.00. I have used this as a staple for years now, it is the perfect nude gloss for any skin tone, but more in a delicious coraly way than a browny/golden way. Looks great with Mint Julep eye shadow.

"Lip Gloss" by Li'l Mama:

They say my lip gloss is cool
My lip gloss be popping
I'm standing at my locker
And all the boys keep stopping
What you know 'bout me?
What you
What you
What you know 'bout me?
What you know 'bout me?
What you
What you
What you know?
They say my lip gloss is popping
My lip gloss is cool
All the boys keep jocking
They chase me after school

[Verse 1:]
Mac Mac L'oreal yep 'cause I'm worth it
Love the way I put it on so perfect
Wipe the corners of my mouth so I work it
When I walk down the hallway they can't say nothing
Oh oh oh my lips so luscious
The way I spice it up with the Mac Mac brushes
L'oreal got the most watermelon crushes
That's probably the reason all these boys got crushes

[Verse 2:]
When it's time for lunch
My lips still rock
Lil mama melon with the hot pink top
Cherry, vanilla,
Flavors is a virtual they
Loving, lip gloss universal
They boys really like it the girls don’t speak
They rolling they eyes
They lip gloss cheap
It ain't my fought
But I upgrade ya
Show you how to use nice things with nice flavors.

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roxythekiller said...

I love that song.
Woo lip gloss! I collect them shamelessly. Vanilla is still my weakness.