Cat Eyes for Fall 2007

When all the makeup looks from the fall 2007 runways started pouring in, I was ecstatic as usual, but deep down inside I sighed and felt an attack of the mean reds coming on. All these amazing pictures of beautiful cat eyes and wingtip eyeliner stretching almost as far as the models temples sent me into a tizzy. Not only is eyeliner the most time consuming and in my opinion trickiest thing I ever have to apply, but it usually looks horrible on me and tends to rub off due to my extremely oily eyelids. In the past I have managed to overcome these hurdles by prepping with eye base and using liquid liner, but put me on a dance floor or in a Pacific Northwest fall drizzle and all my preparations just wash down the drain, or rather, my face! Recently though, while sashaying through my local Walgreens, I found the best thing ever: L'oreal Voluminous Eyeliner pen. This really looks like a pen, in size and shape. Even the applicator is shaped like a highlighter, as opposed the thin point found with most liquid liners. Surprisingly easy to use, I think it was the fastest I have ever applied eyeliner. You just take off the cap and draw it on as if you were writing a note with a sharpie, the liquid comes out smoothly and evenly. Best of all, it doesn't smudge or flake at all, even against my extremely squidgy eyes and aforementioned oily eyelids. It comes in black, brown, green, plum, and grey. $5.99 at your better drugstores.