Soles of Summer

I hate to admit the hours I spend watching E! but as a girl with no cable, I have to live with the free channels that I get. And E! is way better than another rerun of the Nanny on Lifetime, or the Bare Minerals infomercial. I will kill someone if I ever have to watch either of those again. Although I am as happy as a clam with the Golden Girls and Magic Bullet informercial, those are Quality Television! Anyhoo, the other day I was watching E! News Weekend, and they had a summer beauty product special. They were going on and on about this new Curel foot cream, and how great it was, and it only costs $5.00! So I was at Ulta the next day and practically tripped over the display stand for the stuff, so I took it as a sign and threw it into my shopping basket. And what do you know, the stuff really really works! I have only used it for 3 nights, and my feet are soft and moisturized, no more dry heels! It sinks in without feeling too greasy (unlike most foot creams, and yes I am talking about Burts Bees Coconut Foot Cream!). But the best part, and believe me, it is pretty freakin' awesome, is that this stuff smells EXACTLY like one of my favorite perfumes: Guerlain L'instant. Any time I can spend $5.00 on something that smells like my $75.00 perfume, I am a happy girl. Now I spend every night floating away to dreamland on a beautiful smelling cloud, and I couldn't be happier!