PRESENTING- just a few of my favorite things lately:
1. Balmain Ambre Gris Perfume- Spicy and smoky, and how I wish cigarettes to smell.
2. Neutrogena lip balm- Not only for Norwegian fisherman, also for twentysomething Portlanders!
3. Trish McEvoy "Beauty to go" refillable pen- You buy it empty and fill with whatever liquid foundation you want. It has a brush on the end for touch ups on the go!
4. Napolean Perdis Lip Couture "Josephine"- Really enjoying the color of this gloss right now, a very pinky peach, it smells divine, and there is a mirror on top of the package (my fav thing eva!).
5. Hugh Jackman as "The Drover" in "Australia"- Perhaps an odd choice, but available for viewing the world over. Never noticed Hugh before, but he sizzles in this role! His bathing in the outback scene almost outdoes Colin Firth's Mr. Darcy in the lake scene from Pride & Prejudice. Squee!

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