One to Watch Wednesday -Blogdorf Goodman

People, you gotta check this one out. I have been following Blogdorf Goodman (officially the cutest blog name ever) since 2005, and I just love it to death. As they so perfectly put it themselves, it is "a mishmash of beauty product reviews, musings on fashion, and swooning over fragrances". And they do it so well, especially the swooning over fragrances part. They have a way of describing perfume that makes you want to put down the laptop, run to LAX, buy a ticket to France and head straight to Serge Lutens. Or Colette. Or New York and Bergdorfs. I also love the nail polish reviews and the weekly drugstore deals & steals. The girls over at BG have won many blog awards, various accolades, magazine mentions and amazing trips to Paris so you know they are doing something quite right. Do yourself a favor and check it out!

(photo from Blogdorf Goodman)

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