Style Watch Thursday -That's buh-nanas.

That bag is bananas!
I wish I could have this Louis Vuitton piece from the spring/summer 2010 collection. I wish I could walk around LA carrying a peach-ish bag with tassels and a fur tail hanging off. But even if I did own it, would I have the guts to wear it around town?
Every time I live in Los Angeles (twice, I know, so many times it's shocking!) I am infected with this desire to wear things that are like the sun, that glitter and glimmer and catch the eye. Maybe I'll call it Magpie Disease. The last time I lived here, in 2005 for three months, this resulted in two pieces:
1. white t-shirt with clear sequins and flowers from the Gap that was hideous and I can't believe I wore it.
2. purple shirt with purple sequin epaulet style shoulders and a boat neck that was adorable and still love.
This time around, I am wanting and craving black sequins. Here are some pieces I love:

$152 at
This cute sequin jacket would look so cute over all my dresses! Full of fun but not too overdone.

$32 at Forever 21
You know i love anything with a bow!

$379 from Kate Spade
I love a small, square cross-body bag.

$17 at Forever 21
These leggings would be the perfect thing to liven up an otherwise boring black dress. My dear friend Polly calls leggings "inside pants", which I love because it helps you understand how they are supposed to be worn: ON THE INSIDE. I wish everyone called them inside pants because then some people (Lindsay Lohan) would stop wearing them on the outside all the time.

$14 Urban Outfitters
I had this weird vision last spring that I would bring back the cigarette cases I remember from my youth. Yes, they are kind of trashy, and the ones I remember were really ugly and made from puke colored leather, but I think this one is really cute and I will use it for my sunglasses or as a makeup case!

$68 Silence & Noise cardigan at Urban Outfitters
My favorite piece of all!

I hope to get some of these pieces for this fall, and am really trying to be a little more daring in my personal style, especially since I feel the older I get, the fewer years left in which to take style risks!
Oh, and if the Louis Vuitton people want to send me one of those bags, I will stuff my insecurities inside it and take it out on the town! Only I hope I don't run into Viki B., that would be so embarassing!

(photos from bryanboy, forever 21, zappos, piperlime, urban outfitters)

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