Somebody had the genius idea to ask Alexa Chung the top ten things she hates.  I have seen enough of those top 10 things you love lists and think this idea is daring and awesomesauce! 

1. I hate that bad reality TV is so incredibly gripping.
2. I hate online bullying. Those little comment boxes can brim with the most vicious, acidic and pointless remarks.
3. That I have a far-from-pretty voice. This, coupled with the fact that karaoke is basically my favorite activity, makes for some very sad evenings.
4. That I can’t seem to work out my shoe size in America. In England, I’m a size 6. (Yes, I’ve tried an 8.)
5. Surprise encounters. I immediately turn red when I bump into someone I wasn’t expecting to see.
6. Meat.
7. A lot of the music that dominates the charts.
8. Bad manners.
9. When people talk about The Wire beyond season one. I haven’t finished it yet!
10. That I’ve already read Lolita for the first time.

Funny enough, I pretty much agree with everything she says, except for #6, I adore meat and all meat products, and I would have to replace "Lolita" with "The Dud Avacado" (#10), and I have seen every season of the Wire (#9).

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