Ultimate Sadness

So after I went to Target and everything from the Liberty of London collection was sold out, I cried for an hour and then licked my wounds by perusing the Sonia Kashuk makeup collection.  I found a couple of fab new things that I had never seen before, and got another blending sponge for my makeup kit. 

Amazing New Product number #1:
New Extra Large blotting papers!  These are great because I always thought blotting papers should be as big as my face, and these come pretty darn close.  Also, they come 100 to a pack, unlike most of the competition, which is usually 50-60 to a pack.  Go get them right now, cuz it's 85 degrees outside!

Amazing New Product #2:
Tweezers with a spoolie at the end? WHAT?!?  Yes, it's true. Now you no longer need two implements to tweeze your brows, just this! Genius.

I also grabbed another one of these reusable blending sponges.  They work really well and the pointy tip is perfect for blending around the nose and eyes.  And they make foundation appear very natural!

(images from target.com)