Do you know Peter Philips?

Do you know Peter Philips?  Why, he's the man who has my job!  (As Creative Director for makeup at Chanel).
He is the man responsible for the Jade nail polish that was way sold out and later went for upwards of $200 on Ebay, and he was behind the ah-ma-zing Chanel temporary tattoos, and he is the creator of this look, which I find to be so clever!

Inspired by the accidental/dipped look of the Fall 2010 handbags, Philips recommended applying the eyeshadow wet to intesify the effect, and to use a small brush and a steady hand.  Try it tomorrow and expect weird looks.  Unless you live on a runway. Loves it! 

*** Also, I just saw this tidbit about rumors that Karl Lagerfeld will be succeeded by Alber Elbaz at Chanel soon! Scandalous! I actually gasped as I read this and everyone in the room looked at me.  I just can't believe it.  Although Alber is more than up to the task and exactly whom I would pick for the job.  Can't wait to see what happens!

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