"See it by any means possible"

Do you ever see the trailer for a movie and just instantly understand?  That you know you don't even have to watch the movie, but you know what it's about and you know exactly how the characters feel, all the time?  The last time it happened for me was with Tom Ford's "A Single Man".  It's all about the eyeshadow. 
This time it's the trailer for "I Am Love" starring the incomporable Tilda Swinton and I. am. obsessed.   The story centers on a wealthy Italian family and their resulting reactions to their patriarch's decison to split his company between his son and grandson.

First of all, Tilda and her Raf Simons for Jil Sander wardrobe.  Ravishing!  All those oranges and peaches.

And food obviously plays a huge role in the film.  That's the best thing you could do to make me buy lots of tickets to see this!

Also, Marisa Berenson.  I'm a big fan

Did you check out the lighting?  I'm moving to Milan immediately!

I adore Tilda's hair in this movie.  I love the part in the trailer when she is rocking the "Vertigo Chignon". 

In theaters June 18.

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