How long will Jenna Lyons stay at the Crew?

In a recent story from WWD, they mentioned that since J. Crew's sales were so up last year, the CEO will get a 2 million bonus, and creative director Jenna Lyons will get $325,000.  Since they already gave Jenna a million bucks last fall to stay until October 2011, I am starting to wonder how long this can last.  Ever since she took over, the Crew has gotten steadily better and better, especially in the accessories departartment. 
I'd love to know the offers that she has probably gotten from some very high profile design houses....

The Fall 2010 Preview just came out and it was stellar.  Jenna described it as "Edie Beale goes to summer camp".  Obviously she is speaking directly to my soul and is trying to brainwash me.  It's working Jenna!

(images via Habitually Chic)


teeno tino said...

i know, the fall line looks really exciting! i am so sick of there sewed on flower t-shirt crap.

The Neo-Traditionalist said...

I loved that Edie Beale goes to summer camp quote! I hope she doesn't leave anytime soon! As long as she's at J.Crew her designs are somewhat affordable. If she goes too high end I fear I'll never again own something with Jenna's fantastic flair! xoxo katie

Twila said...

I love love this line. I cant wait till fall. I posted this line also. It is just so pretty and crafty looking.